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As time permits, I'm going to try to post articles and some of my own personal thoughts regarding blue (coerulea) Phalaenopsis. I wanted to begin by discussing what is currently understood about coerulea phals and the plants that are currently available.

This in formation will likely change very rapidily as more and more novice and professional hybridizers begin to focus on this new direction in Phalaenopsis breeding.



April 2012
A Decade of Chasing the Elusive Blue Phalaenopsis (IPA Q1 2012)

Jan. 5th 2008
Looking back at 2007 and Forward into 2008

July 15th 2007
SDO Blue Breeding plan and discussion added.

Sept. 14th 2006
Discussion on Current Coerulea Phals updated.

Sept. 12th, 2006
New Entry added to Hybridizers notebook.




Articles and

Discussions on Current Coerulea Phal Species and Hybrids:

Hybridizers Notebook - Thoughts on Coerulea Phal Breeding:








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