Available Select Cultivars
We really enjoy our crosses, but we just can't keep all the good plants and also want our friends to be able to share in some of our sucesses. From time to time as they are available we post extra selections and divisions from our crosses that we are willing to let go of. These are always unique, one of kind cultivars that have been selected out of our seedling populations and usually are from the top 10% of the cross.

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If you see something you are interested in, please send us an e-mail. These are first come first serve.





Premium Selection Pages:


SDH070923 - Dtps. Peter Blue Sky
(Dtps. Siam Treasure coerulea x Doritis pulcherrima var coerulea 'Little Blue')

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SDH060904 - Phal. Equalacea grex Sapphire's Indigo Equalacea
(Phal. equestris var cyanochilus 'Martel' Blue' x Phal. violacea 'Sapphire's Navy')

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Misc Extra Premium Orchid Selections
I periodically get flasks and compots from other orchid growers and I usually can not keep them all. My loss is your gain. These are all one of kind, high quality seedlings that need to find a new home.

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