Our Favorite Links

Here are some web links to a few of our favorite growers and orchid resources. These are all companies and organizations that we either order from regularly or interact with on a regular basis. We strongly believe in cultivating the orchid community and see our fellow commercial growers as friends and colleagues, not competitors. These are all great folks and we highly recommend them.

Regulations, restrictions and high operating costs in the US have made it more and more difficult for US growers to compete with the international market. Orchid Growing in the United States has a great heritage and we need to support it ongoing existance. The knowlege and creativity of our US growers and hybridizers is the foundation of this wonderful hobby. Please support our US growers and suppliers by purchasing from them and supporting the orchid community as a whole.

Organizations & Resources:

The American Orchid Society - www.orchidweb.org
If your not a member, join when you get the chance! The AOS publishes a beautiful and informative bulletin and is and invaluable resource. I've been a proud member of the AOS since 1985.

The Hybridizers Forum - www.thehybridizersforum.com
Excellence in Breeding! A fantastic resource and online community of hybridizers and enthusists focused on the techniques and best practices of orchid breeding. We highly recommend this site if you are interested in orchid hybridizing. The focus is on Phalaenopsis, but any topic related hybridizing, lab techniques, commercial growing, etc. is fair game for discussion.

The Orchid Mall - www.orchidmall.com
The Orchid Mall © is a listing of links to various informational and
commercial sources about orchids. Probably the most comprehensive list of growers and resources on the web.

OrchidWire- www.orchidwire.com
OrchidWire is an online databse of growers around the world.

Phalaenopsis Species and Primary Hybrids - www.phals.net
Alan Brochart's website with information about most Phalaenopsis species and many primary hybrids. A great resource!

The Royal Horticulture Society - www.rhs.org.uk
The RHS is the keeper of orchids registrations and provides on online database of all registered orchids. The link will take you directly to you orchid database page. Great resource if you are making hybrids or doing research.

Vortex's Orchids - zanaf.dyndns.biz
Niki Fami's photo site. He is in Malaysia and has an interesting selection of phals and other orchids.


Gorwing and Lab Supplies:

Alkem Lab Products - www.alkemlab.com
Alkem is great source for glass french square bottles. We use the 32oz bottles for most of our flasking and they are generally difficult to find at a reasonable price. Right now this is the best source.

Chula Orchids - www.chulaorchids.com
Chula orchids now focuses on strickly on orchid supplies. We purchase all of our clear pots for Harry at Chula. We can highly recommend these pots for Phal growing.

Hummert International - www.hummert.com
Hummert is a general horticulture supply company. This is a good resource for getting more hard to find pest management products.

PhytoTechnology Laboratories - www.phytotechlab.com
PhytoTech specializes in micro-propagation supplies and supplies a very good set of flasking medium and other related materials. All of propogation mediums come from PhytoTech.

US Orchid Supplies - www.usorchidsupplies.com
Local Southern California supplier where we get most of our growing supplies.




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