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June 5, 2011


Phalaenopsis Princess Kaiulani var indigo
(Phal. violacea 'Sapphire's Navy' X Phal. amboinensis 'Golden Dragon')

I just never know from year to year what kind of surprises are going to bloom out. Originally I made this cross with the intent of creating some really good tetraploid reds for future red breeding. So a large number of these seedlings were colchicine treated. And I did end up with some extremely nice reds from this cross.

But the real surprise was having about half of these bloom out as coerulea forms. So amazingly I ended with both diploid and tetraploid reds and coeruleas from this cross.

These are the parents of this unique and ground breaking cross:

This cross could be extremely signifigant for it's potental use in future coerulea hybrids. The coerulea form is an amazing concord grape type of color nothing like any other coerulea phal. The reds from this cross are equally stunning.

These are a few of the seedlings that have bloomed so far from this cross:

a indigo tetraploid:

a indigo diploid:


a red tetraploid:


a red diploid:






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