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"Violet Eyes"
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Phalaenopsis equestris var coerulea (Blue Too Strain F2)
Orchid Cross Parents
(Phal. equestris "Sapphire's Surprise" x Phal. equestris var cyanochilus 'Martel's Blue')

We call this the "Blue Too" Strain because "Sapphire's Surprise" was (Three Times A Lady' X 'Blue Too').  "Blue Too" was a typical equestris var cyanochilus type.  I had know idea if this cross would produce any coeruleas.  I ended up with amazing results and the award winning 'Violet Eyes' CHM/AOS came out of this cross.

Divisions of both "Violet Eyes" and "Baby Step Blues" pictured below are available in our store.

Pod Parent:
Orchid Image Pod Parent
Pollen Parent:
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Orchid Details:
Orchid Genus: 
Orchid Grex/Cultivar: 
equestris var coerulea (Blue Too Strain F2)
Orchid Pod Parent: 
P. equestris "Sapphire's Surprise"
Orchid Pollen Parent: 
P. equestris var cyanochilus 'Martel's Blue'

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