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Phalaenopsis Purple Martin (2006, 2n and 4n)
Orchid Cross Parents
(Phal. Kenneth Schubert 'Fangtastic Violet' HCC/AOS X Phal. violacea var indigo 'Sapphire's Navy')

This was a first attempt at pairing standard coerulea Kenneth Schubert with an indigo violacea.  These bloomed out 100% magenta.  This was one of those points where my hopes were crushed that the indigo violaceas would get past some of the previous coerulea breeding barriers  Same problems. Different cross.

Pod Parent:
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Purple Martin (2006)
Orchid Pod Parent: 
Phal. Kenneth Schubert 'Fangtastic Violet' HCC/AOS
Orchid Pollen Parent: 
Phal. violacea var indigo 'Sapphire's Navy'

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