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Phalaenopsis Purple Martin var indigo 11'
Orchid Cross Parents
(Phal. Kenneth Schubert (indigo 08) '051011' X Phal. violacea var indigo 'Pacific Rendezvous')

After years of trying to get an indigo coerulea Purple Martin, we finally struck gold with this amazing cross and this extremely nice cultivar.  P. Purple Martin 'Sapphire's Pride was awarded an AM/AOS in 2015.

Pod Parent:
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Orchid Grex/Cultivar: 
Purple Martin var indigo 11'
Orchid Pod Parent: 
P, Kenneth Schubert (indigo 08) '051011'
Orchid Pollen Parent: 
P. violacea var indigo 'Pacific Rendezvous'

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