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Phalaenopsis SDO Blue Heaven
Orchid Cross Parents
(Phal. Louis Burns '111111A' X Phal. violacea var indigo 'Laela' HCC/AOS)

This cross was the natural progression of breeding forward an indigo violacea line going back to violacea.  This is a 3rd generation cross that has been taken about as far as it makes sense to go with this direction of breeding. I'm using this grex extensively in breeding with other lines and expect some really nice dark hybrids coming out it.

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SDO Blue Heaven
Orchid Pod Parent: 
P. Louis Burns '111111A'
Orchid Pollen Parent: 
P. violacea var indigo 'Laela' HCC/AOS

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R. A. Shepherd
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When available, information on Ploidy and Chromosome Counts.

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