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Phalaenopsis Little Blue Bird
Orchid Cross Parents
(Phal. Kenneth Schubert 'FANGtastic Violet' X Phal. pulcherrima var coerulea '090813A')

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Our remake of Little Blue Bird has been a real hit.  These are really great growers that far surpass the vigor of Kenneth Schubert.  The flowers are almost as large, but with benefit of more saturated color and really vivid lips on many of these.

Pod Parent:
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Orchid Details:
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Orchid Grex/Cultivar: 
Little Blue Bird
Orchid Pod Parent: 
P. Kenneth Schubert 'FANGtastic Violet'
Orchid Pollen Parent: 
P. pulcherrima var coerulea '090813A'

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Hou Tse Liu
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When available, information on Ploidy and Chromosome Counts.

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