Introducing Phal. SDO Indigo Dragon

I'm really excited to introduce my new tetraploid cross P. SDO Indigo Dragon. This cross will be an important foundation cross moving into more tetraploid large flowered coerulea hybrids.

P. SDO Indigo Dragon
(P. Louise Burns X P. Princess Kaiulani)

This cross is the result of 3 generations of breeding plus a lot of work doing colchicine conversions with the parents.  It is primary a cross with lots of P. violacea and then a little bit of P. amboinensis and P. equestris.  These plants will get rather large and should carry 4 to 6 flowers on each inflorescence.  

SDO Indigo Dragon


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Updated: March 27, 2023

Announcement: Sapphire's Violet Sherbet

Really excited to announce Phal. Sapphire's Violet Sherbet. This is a cross of Kenneth Schubert X Sapphire's Violitz. The Kenneth Schubert used is the standard coerulea form. So this is the first time that we have successfully paired a standard coerulea Kenneth Schubert with an indigo form.