This database provides a searchable/sortable list of known and confirmed ploidy information for specific hybrids and cultivars. Photo’s are copyrighted by the specific technician that did the original count and should not be distributed, reposted, or republished without that individual’s written permission. The actual counts and ploidy levels are considered to be public information made available for the benefit of the international orchid community. The current focus has been on Phalaenopsis, but other orchids may be added in the future.  This is not an exhaustive list, if you have any questions about orchids not on this list, please drop us a note or post a question on the forums.

Diploid(2n) Phalaenopsis (38 Chromosomes) - normal set of chromosomes, most naturally occuring species are diploids.

Triploid(3n) Phalaenopsis (57 Chromosomes) - hybrid between a Diploid and Tetraploid, Triploids are frequently sterile and future hybridizing with their progeny can become even more problamatic leading to completely sterile dead in breeding lines.  So at SDO we always recommend against breeding Triploids.

Tetraploid(4n) Phalaenopsis (76 Chromosomes) - double the normal set of chromosomes.  Frequently larger flowers and plants, more vigorous and often more fertile than diploids.


Genus Grex/Cultivar Sort descending Ploidy Count.... Confirmed By Ploidy Notes
Phalaenopsis Abed-Nego Diploid
Phalaenopsis Ai Gold Aneuploid Most clones are near tetraploid
Phalaenopsis Ambo Buddha Aneuploid Most clones are near triploid
Phalaenopsis amboinensis 'Patricia' Tetraploid Dr. A.D Stock
Phalaenopsis aphrodite 'Bedford Beauty' Triploid Dr. A.D. Stock
Phalaenopsis aphrodite 'Ben Yu' Aneuploid 67 Dr. A. D. Stock
Phalaenopsis aphrodite 'Fancy Pearl' Diploid Rob A. Shepherd
Phalaenopsis aphrodite 'NF250-1' Diploid Dr. A.D Stock From Norman's Orchids NF250 cross, confirmed Diploid (2n).
Phalaenopsis aphrodite 'Orchid Konnection' AM/AOS Diploid Rob A. Shepherd
Phalaenopsis Auckland Buddha Tetraploid
Phalaenopsis Black Eagle Diploid
Phalaenopsis Black Rose Tetraploid
Phalaenopsis Brother Delight Tetraploid
Phalaenopsis Brother Fancy Tetraploid
Phalaenopsis Brother Fancy Free Triploid
Phalaenopsis Brother Glamour Tetraploid
Phalaenopsis Brother Jungle Cat Tetraploid
Phalaenopsis Brother Kaiser Tetraploid
Phalaenopsis Brother Lovesong Triploid
Phalaenopsis Brother Passion Tetraploid
Phalaenopsis Brother Peacock Tetraploid
Phalaenopsis Brother Pico Mary Triploid
Phalaenopsis Brother Pirate King Tetraploid
Phalaenopsis Brother Precious Stones Tetraploid
Phalaenopsis Brother Purple Tetraploid